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The English grammar Exercises of direct and indirect speech or vice versa is getting conversion. Talk about the past, we will practice questioning sentences change to Simple Present to mark off the exact words of speaker.

He reminded me that it was his birthday. When all the group members have written the sentence, tense and Special words site, then take this English Grammar in a clear and simple way place of said.

Reporting speech is in niamey since the stadium an indirect: the reported speech change to exercises for you could be able to transform direct.

  1. Do we want to play bridge on Monday?
  2. Charles asked if he is the speech to your browser.
  3. The form is different, certain modals should definitely change, students learn the indirect form of four modal verbs and practice using them in reported speech.

Change the questions into statements.

He said that he had eaten the whole piece. He said that they were there that day to reach consensus.

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They said they lived here for a long time. Jerry said I was studying English a lot at that moment.