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If the SELECT statement returns more that one row then explicit cursor should be used. Like other constraints, the referential integrity constraint restricts the contents of the referencing table, but it also may in effect restrict the contents of the referenced table.

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With inner joins, this structure is not explicit. If the participation of an entity set in a relationship set is total, then a thick line connects the two.

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Triggers implement nonstandard functionality. Relationship sets: A relationship is an association among several entities.

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Unlike a package spec, the declarative part of a package body can contain subprogram bodies. Even though a group is treated as a single row, the underlying rows can be subject to summary operations known as Set Functions whose results can be included in the query.

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Project customername, accountnumber and balance. The columns in a base table are not accessed positionally but by name, which must be unique among the columns of the table.